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Smart HomeKit Networks

Smart HomeKit Networks is spectacular Network agency that provide installation of smart home service to hotels, accomdations and commercial buildings and many more


We always believe in customer satisfaction. we have 100+ happy clinets with installation service in UAE, Our staff are well trained with long experience on the field

Smart Office Services

Smart HomeKit Networksis a professional Networking company based in Abu Dhabi and offering a complete range of installing solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements, 

Our people

It takes an exceptional group of people to run a company like Smart HomeKit Networks L.L.C. people who feel personally accountable for delivering outstanding results; embrace continual change, and quickly identify and adopt the way to get the job done. 

Our record

Smart HomeKit Networks has established itself as a leader supplier of Network, telecommunication, security solutions and maintenance, in the national capital region, known as a company with knowledgeable staff, fair pricing and a large volume of readily available stock

Our commitment

Smart HomeKit Networks L.L.C. success is contingent on choosing the right people for right jobs and the right technology for the right task. Year after year Smart HomeKit Networks L.L.C. is committed to exceed its previous years financial record, to provide a better product than most recently released, 

Installation on Residences area covers every place of your villa, apartment, guest house or condominium. 

Can save time for employees and reduce energy waste, leading to increase productivity and cost savings.

Smart hotelkits can also improve the employee saftey by monitoring air quality, temperature, and lighting,

 This can transform traditional classrooms into more engaging and interactive learning environments.

 This have a significant impact on commercial buildings by increaseing energy efficiency, security. etc.

Transform a traditional gatherings into more engaging, interactive, and memorable experiences.

ONE SIZE does not fit all.

We provide a wide range of products. We endeavor to find out what our clients’ needs are, and then help them decide on the best options to meet their need at the lowest possible cost. The product that we provide include networking solutions, servers, switches, routers and cabling equipment’s storage solutions, telecommunication devices, security devices access control, CCTV, Queue system water alarm, instruction alarm system. Electrics and electronics. A list of the most popular brands is provided.


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